Winners surround themselves with winners

Rewarding Career In Real Estate

As a Real Estate Agent, You Are Your Own Boss

  • Age Restrictions None
  • Vacation Time Anytime you want
  • Income $0 - Unlimited $$$
  • Working Hours Anytime you want
  • TAKE CONTROL Time is money

Feeling underappreciated at your current Job? Perhaps you feel that the work and time you spend there doesn’t quite equal what your paycheck is?
If you love socializing: Real Estate is the Career for you.
A Career in Real Estate gets you started in essentially your own business BUT at a very low relative cost compared to starting up your own retail business.
When you work as a Realtor with Sutton Team Realty you are working as an Independent Contractor. You set your own work schedule, develop your own client base, decide on your own personal branded marketing & methods and grow your Real Estate Sales business as your own.
Let’s face it, you are here because you want to take control of your future.
There are no limits for growth of your real estate business. Pair a good attitude with a superior work ethic and you can realize fantastic rewards… in simple terms UNLIMITED INCOME is around the corner. All you need is to incorporate good business skills and develop effective marketing.

A Successful & Rewarding Career in Real Estate is in your hands. Sutton Team Realty will help you take it to where its destined to go!

One of the most important decisions we make in life is who we choose to be around. There is an old proverb that reads, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” More often than not we become like the people we surround ourselves with. Based on that, the company your choose to work with must have a solid core of true recognizable and reputable salespeople with consistent and demonstrated results. That is where success is, that’s where your success and reputation grows.

Who you spend time with is who you become.
Tony Robbins

Qualities required to work @Suttonteamrealty

Honesty and integrity 100%
Responsiveness 100%
Sense of Humor 100%
Communication skills 100%
Negotiation skills 100%
Knowledge of real estate market 100%


  • “Starting out in a new profession, it was reassuring to know that new sales representatives who joined the Sutton team were not simply thrown into the deep end. My personal mission in real estate is to build lasting relationships and meet or exceed my personal goals. I felt that, of all other brokerage choices, Sutton Team Realty provided the best tools to assist me in carrying out that mission. The mentoring systems, and education programs, dedicated support, and a recognized brand name left a lasting impression and ultimately led to my decision to join the brokerage. The deal splits are by far the best in the area and its great to keep a very large portion of what I work for in my pocket! Knowing my business structure would be heavily weighted with internet presence, the Sutton Team network of websites seemed far superior to what the competition was providing and I felt that the company was gaining a considerable advantage in the marketplace.

    Kate Broddick Real Estate Sales Representative
  • Great place to work and Succeed! My Real Estate career started here and i was trained here and learned a great deal. Now I am part of a Team with and am really having a great success in Real Estate. Martin and the rest of the team rock!

    Andrew Evans Real Estate Sales Representative
  • I moved to Sutton Team Realty from another local Brokerage and I just wish I did that much earlier. This team has great services to offer and a personal touch to make you part of the family!

    Paula Tysoski Real Estate Sales Representative

The HOTTEST TEAMS in Brantford Real Estate

Platinum Living Realty

The Platinum Living Realty Team ranks among the top real estate teams in Brantford. The Tysoski’s are always on the lookout for new Team Members that can make the cut. If you are outgoing, fun and like to earn money for your hard work and can do everything with a high level of ethics, send us a message and we can connect you and watch your income soar!

The Kate Broddick Team

Founded here at Sutton Team Realty, The Kate Broddick Team is Brantford’s #1 Real Estate Team since 2015. Kate Broddick is looking for new Realtors from time to time.
If you would like to be considered for inclusion and be among the multi award winning team you have to qualify. Send us a message and we can connect you.

Andrew & Kate

Founded here at Sutton Team Realty, Andrew & Kate Real Estate currently ranks among the top 4 real estate teams in town. Andrew and Kate are masters at their craft and are not looking for new Realtors at this time.
Maybe someday they may change their tune but they are rocking it in their own right and are quite comfortable now.

There is a reason why the most progressive and HOTTEST TEAMS in Brantford Real Estate work with Sutton Team Realty. Here, you can work independently or apply to join one of the existing Teams or start your own team.
At Sutton Team Realty you have the flexibility to do what you want and keep pretty close to most of what you earn. To foster your business we will not impair, limit or discourage your success with conformist marketing, old school thinking and unrealistic fees.
Your future starts with Sutton Team Realty and success shines with Sutton Team Realty.

Our Advantages

Modern Convenient offices

Located right by the 403 HWY

Location location location is just not for home buyers, Its for Real Estate offices too. When you are meeting a client, they need the easiest route to the office with maximum viability as well. We have that and then some.

Earn more

Same work, More money

At Sutton Team Realty you earn more from your sales than any other local real estate office. Compare us to them, Are you retaining enough income from your deals to support your family's future or the Broker's vacations? Don't let a sales pitch cloud fairness and simple logic.


Smart use of resources

In a slow real estate market the cost to service buyers and sellers increase. To be sustainable in a crowded market you need to reinvest in your business. With Sutton Team Realty you earn more from your deals which you can reinvest to succeed.

Realtor Promotion

Individuality wins

We have a different approach to operating that encourages and promotes our Realtors to position themselves first instead of the Brokerage. This is a personal referral business not a company referral business. Standing apart from the crowd as a confident & unique Realtor is the only way to be seen, win sales and build a sustainable business.

Sales Training

Sales without selling, it's easy

Are you hungry for success? We don't consider selling real estate as selling. We are about building relationships. The real estate market has changed over the years and we have simple but effective sales training to bring out the full potential that is in you.

Sutton National Brand

Modern Innovative Supportive

Sutton offers the very unique opportunity to build your career independently while working with the support of a well known brand. The Sutton trademark has been identified by the public as a real estate organization since 1983. The public recognizes the Sutton brand and the integrity and professionalism its associates adhere to.

Think you’re the right fit?

Client Relationships

Long-lasting partnerships

Sutton Team Realty Realtors are driven as much by a desire to serve as a desire to succeed. We are co-pilots, navigating clients through their home sale, but always following their lead. We are educators, matchmakers and tour guides. We work hard to get our clients to the closing table – without cutthroat tactics or compromises of integrity.

Clients want value

Realtors that speak their language

We are genuine, down-to-earth people who share a passion for Brantford and Brant County real estate. We’re professional, but not stuffy. Knowledgeable, but not know-it-all. Tech-smart, but totally personable. We support our fellow team members, encourage professional growth, and treat everyone we encounter with honesty and integrity. We enjoy a hip, comfortable work environment, where you’ll have the tools you need to be successful.

True Partnerships

Fortunately, times have changed.

We believe in genuine partnership with our clients; which is an art, not a science. It's not "me" or "you," rather it's "us" collectively finding success in your real estate goals.

Specialization and Expertise

You can't be everything to everybody

Sutton Team Realty agents reek of dedication and professionalism — we're known for being deeply knowledgeable about our neighbourhoods & properties. Why do other agents try to be everything to everybody? We genuinely believe in specializing in something — especially something you're passionate about!

Locally Grown

Commitment to Our Brand

Sutton Team Realty was proudly born out of local hands, and we support the local community and are 100% Canadian National Brand. The devil is in the details! We want our brand to truly stand for something: quality, integrity, passion, ethics, enthusiasm and results. And we will never stop marching to that beat.

Our Leaders are Practitioners

Technology Disrupters

The Sutton Team Realty leadership team is involved in every aspect of the business. Don't be surprised if you call and the owner answers the phone or personally shows your property listing! Without a pulse on the evolving market business will fall apart. With that our founding promise was to evolve — and innovate — within the constantly changing real estate environment by adopting new technologies early-on, and maintaining a stellar internet presence.

Our Partners, Associations & Affiliates

Our Recent Sales Statistics


Listings Sold

Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2017


Properties Bought

Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2017


Market Share

Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2017


Total Sale Volume

Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2017

Experience you can TRUST

Since 2012 Sutton Team Realty Inc. is proud and qualified to offer a full range of services in the areas of residential and commercial real estate as well as rental properties. Sutton Team Realty provides complete real estate services for buyers and sellers including information concerning financing, pre-qualification for first time home buyers, market evaluations, and selling techniques for home sellers. Our company and it’s people utilize the latest technologies. We have a modern approach to selling a home in a dynamic and constantly evolving market. We work with a wide variety of properties, including but not limited to: New construction, vacant land, farm land, multi-family and residential, condominiums, new home subdivisions, commercial property, manufacturing and distribution facilities, office buildings, retail stores.

We manage our salespeople and Sell Real Estate with good ole fashioned hard work delivering demonstrated results.
We have the data to support our achievements based on our efficient operational model!

No Gimmicks, No Tricks and No Schemes …. we have no hot air to fly balloons!

Success is in a salesperson can been seen in the reflection of their peer group and their collective expectations. If your peer group doesn’t expect much of themselves and searchs for handouts and easy answers, it’s just a matter of time before their negative and counter-productive energy will crumble the expectations of yourself and you will blame others for your shortcomings.

At Sutton Team Realty we filter out the negative & lazy core, we dont want anyone to drag us down. Spend time with peers… A TEAM that: are positive and can motivate you with their success, treat others with integrity, work their business like a business and encourage their peers and most importantly CHALLENGE you!

The Sutton Story

TODAY, Sutton’s strength is its Realtors®, more than 9,300, in over 200 franchises coast to coast who conduct over $20 billion in real estate transactions annually. These facts position Sutton as the premier real restate organization in Canada.

Every Sutton Realtor® enjoys the opportunity to maximize their professional potential and demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit, while being part of a prominent organization.

SUTTON changed the course of the real estate industry by being the first company in Canada to recognize the highly personal relationship between Realtor® and client. This is the foundation of the Sutton business model. By putting the Realtor® at the center of the transaction, Sutton empowers them to be entrepreneurs with creative business freedom to tailor their services to the needs of their customers, resulting in optimal service.

Thanks to their contributions, Sutton is an organization dedicated to making a difference. It celebrates the countless hours and donations of the Sutton family and nurtures the pride of its members.

  • Great Sales
  • Offices Coast to Coast
  • Thousands of listings nation wide
  • Trusted name

FAQ with honest answers

  • Do all your agents operate as one team?

    NO, we all work as individuals for our own separate clients. The are several teams within the office working together. The word TEAM in our name represents the culture we have in that together as salespeople were strive for certain professional sales goals and also that we view the client as part of our team with the client relationship aspect.
  • Are there any extra fees like Board Dues or a franchise fee?

    There are no hidden fees. The small monthly fee that we charge is all you pay to the office on a regular basis. After you make a sale there is a deal fee which is dependent on the plan you subscribed to with us. You are responsible for covering your monthly real estate board dues and annual dues payable to RECO, CREA and OREA.
  • Are attending company meetings required?

    Well yes and No. We dislike boring meetings just as much the next person. Our meetings when they do occur are not boring and they are a great way to fellowship with other Realtors from the office, share ideas and experiences in the field. We discuss market trends, share tips and can help you increase your business.
  • Will I have broker support?

    Yes. You will have complete access to full office administrative support. We play an active role in our agents’ success and encourage our agents to contact us with questions, big or small any time.
  • Where do I meet my clients?

    We have a ultra modern offices with boardroom / meeting space with networked computers. Coffee and water is available for your clients as well as clean facilities.
  • Can I work part time?

    You can work full time or part time. It’s your business, you work the hours you see fit for your lifestyle. Remember, the more you put into the business the more you will take out.
  • Do you offer a mentorship program for new agents?

    Yes! We offer a specialized mentorship program for new agents where we teach you the ropes to being a successful real estate agent. We cover the basics, to include writing contracts, all the way up to more advanced sales training on how to convert your leads into closings.
  • How am I paid for commissions earned?

    Once we receive the monies from the sale, you can be paid the same day either by cheque or EFT
  • Do you provide sales leads?

    Yes, we do provide leads and if you took our optional sales training master class you will be exposed to and have access to incredible systems for managing and converting those leads. We also provide you the tools needed to generate your own leads. We live by the idea that if you give a man a fish you feed them for a day but if you teach a man to fish you feed them for a lifetime. BUT if you cant learn what we teach you…. lets not fool each other, we will have to part ways.
  • I am with another Brokerage... help

    Moving your license over to Sutton Team Realty is really easy. All you have to do is provide a copy of your existing license and we will provide you with the paperwork necessary to transfer over with RECO and BRREA. Its takes all but a few minutes to get through the simple process and setup on our systems.
  • Will you give me Sutton Branded Items to show off the logo

    If it’s important for you to flash our corporate logo on your body or personal items you use… then we will give anything you want its FREE advertising for us. However, we prefer that our Realtors will work hard to succeed and build and promote themselves…. their business. Think about this before you go around town as our personal billboard… who does that benefit, you or the company you are promoting for free? Focus your time and energy to Brand yourself. The Realtor is the Brand. Make your phone ring, not ours. We can help you think and be a successful Real Estate Salesperson.
  • My Realtor friend says your fees are too low which not right

    If you want to pay more… feel free to do so. We think our fees are reasonable and realistic. We have been operating this way for years! Our history and sales volume speaks for itself.
  • How long has the Broker been a Broker of Record?

    Martin Sarkissian has been a Broker of Record since 2006 and has personally managed over 5000 transactions as a Broker of Record…. and counting.

Availability Calendar

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  • Address 2 Holiday Dr. Unit A. Brantford, Ontario. N3R 7J4


Transfer to Sutton from any other Real Estate Brokerage 

Christmas gifts come early to those that act early

Some conditions apply: 1) Deal fees are Zero regardless of when the trade closes. Trade must be firm before December 31, 2018. 2) Must transfer to Sutton Team Realty between August 28, 2018 and December 1, 2018. 3) Must meet production qualifications and contract terms. 4) Must be fun and happy both in personal life and business.